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L’histoire de Maquis de Provence démarre dès mon retour en Asie où j’ai vécu pendant trois ans. La vie en Provence fut une découverte et une source d’inspiration, avec ses couleurs, ses parfums et tous ses produits exceptionnels.
My ultimate wish is to make you discover Provence while enjoying quality products : an olive oil or a good lavender honey. Just like an invitation to spend your next holiday in the sun.

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Among many territories that compose our beautiful country. Only one stands out in particular : Provence. Have you ever heard a summer, cicada song seen from lavender fields harmoniously arranged under an azure blue sky. Discover a Mediterranean village with old lanes and stones that warm in the sun, an art of living that is often celebrated with village festivals and a cuisine that treats the most delicate taste buds. In order to honour these beauties and riches, we take you to discover some of the most emblematic products of this region. Through our friendly and enthusiastic local producers, we offer you quality products: lavender honeys, olive oils, emblematic biscuits such as Navette or exceptional tapenades. 

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